About Montserrat Gascón

Who is Montserrat Gascón?
I am pure energy, experiencing matter here on earth, thanks to this body called Montserrat.

How did I get to the Pericardium?
Since I was a child, I always wanted to understand the meaning of what we "irreparably" call LIFE (this is life, there’s nothing to do about it ;  that’s the way life goes…).

To find a clear answer, I studied a lot: baccalaureate, infirmary school, four years of medicine, professorate of morphopsychology, neurology, osteopathy… and more than thirty years of experience working in hospitals and clinics from different countries in the world.

I studied a lot and I lived much more experiencing each situation of my life with passion and depth to understand the meaning of my livings and lessons.
My children Oriol, Marc and Nina were, and still are, lights in my path and allowed me to see my nobility in their eyes, my discomfort in their illnesses, my liberty in their smiles, my responsibilities in their autonomy and my swiftness in their decisions.

With them I understood that « my children are not my children », they’re children of their own Souls, that is to say of  Life, di-vine… That they have their own path going further than mine, than my wishes… That they choose us to incarnate and be able to realise their mission on earth, their path of Life.

Thanks to them I also understood that my parents are not my parents, that this is my Soul (that is ME) who has created my body, to live Life here on earth through it.

To integrate those concepts has freed me of the human family’s responsability, enabling me to respect everyone’s path of Life, and in this way being able to recognize the vibration of my Soul family, from the divine lineage (that has sometimes so little to do with blood relatives), without guilt, with respect and with love to me and others.

Life took me to the Pericadium and in the I found the meaning of Life.

I have spent over more than 15 years studying the relationship between the Pericardium and emotions. That has allowed me to develop Cellular Bioenergetical Ostheopathy, based on “feeling” the movement of Life, acknowledging, respecting and liberating it, so Life can fing its expansion, HEALTH.

I didn’t find The retraction of the Pericardium in the books, but have lived it in my own flesh, in my own heart, that I felt confident to write my first book:


A simple and clear book to understand how the emotional impact works on a cellular level, and why the Pericardium is the front door of emotions and the specific place for the reunion of the body, the soul and the spirit.

Being able to simply and fairly name the spiritual concepts, was for me a gigantic step in the understanding of the Being, of ALL the living beings and the LIFE. Thanks to that came my second book:


A handbook of Life, a deep and pleasant novel to understand what is Life, why do we get sick and how to reach Health. An editorial handmade jewel, made with natural paper and Love. A limited self-edited book.

The book contains a dvd with original music and animations plus a guided meditation to liberate your own Pericardium. In the dvd, Ima Sanchís interviews me to make clear a few essencial points and questions :

What is Life?

How does it work?

Who are we?


JulY 5, 2012